Mission and values

"Heart Life Hospital" is a team of medical and service professionals with a deep knowledge of advanced medical cardiosurgical technologies who are in love with life.


It is for the health of each of you that we created the first private cardiosurgical center so that everyone could have a full range of treatment and recovery in one place and at a highest level.

We represent the cardiosurgical field of medicine, therefore we have created all conditions for the treatment and prevention of patients of cardiac profile exclussively, we have equipped our rooms with special cardiological equipment, we are professionals of our specialized business and well-experienced in it. Here you can be sure of success, because we carefully select and offer only the best specialists and organize a full cycle for your healthy heart. 

In the center of our attention is only our patient and his prompt return to a full life. You ask for help, and we take care of the rest activities and organization.

We respect absolute confidentiality in work with you. In our work we are guided completely by the principles of medical and business ethics and follow the best traditions of conducting medical business activities of international level. Therefore we guarantee an understanding of financial costs at any stage, unique comprehensive service and the possibility of obtaining a full range of cardiological and cardiosurgical services.

We are always focused on results and not on long-term treatment, so our goal is to provide care in the right amount and provide a solution of your medical problem so that you do not have more reasons to contact us for medical help.

But we will always be glad to receive reports from our patients about their achievements: good health and an active life position, as well as a photo of the joyful events of your life and rest.

We enjoy to see healthy and happy people who, like us, love their life.

Our advantages

High standarts
High standards of
medical care
The best
in Ukraine
Guarantee of quality
of treatment and
Full range of
conditions of
hospital stay
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